Here is a picture of a crab that is not amused!

Crab is not amused.Taken @ Pula, nothing much special happened, bad weather, big waves, cold water…

And here is a picture of a crab from Risen 3!

Crab from Risen 3 (Warning! This is not a real review)

I finished Risen 3 more than a week ago. After some bad reviews I taught I would be disappointed, but to me it was as good or even better than Risen 1 and 2.
I just wish it was longer, after you join a faction there is almost nothing special to do for them and the final act comes too soon.

I also disliked the naval battles, the fights with sea monsters are kinda boring, they just take too long and aren’t really a challenge. Other boss fights were decent and the final boss was quite challenging.

So give this a play if you want an open world RPG or if you liked the old Gothic series.

I give it a 9/10 crabs, because it satisfied my craving for a Gothic like game!